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But when it becomes too much, he goes away with Kurt.And it's on the beaches of Seychelles, and the plains of South Africa that a friendship becomes more.Blaine feels strangely compelled to sit down and talk with him… Now, he's a House Guest on one of his favorite reality TV competitions, he's sleeping in a crowded room and showering where any and everyone could walk in, and he's in an alliance with a guy he's sleeping with. Kurt's senior year is shaping up to be less than the perfect one he had dreamed of. Three years later, Kurt's at a strip club for his bachelor party and sees Blaine working. Or, after meeting a dazzling golden-eyed man, will Kurt even want to go back?(Warning: mentions of Finn and Finn's death)Santana decides Kurt should play Five by Five. How will he get through hot kissing sessions with hot guys? ONE SHOTBest friends since childhood, Blaine and Kurt are separated by violence after the Sadie Hawkins dance at fifteen. Blaine made a decision that cost him his best friend at 16 years old.One at a time he will spend five minutes alone - blindfolded - with five different guys. In a world where you discover your soulmate's name etched on your palm at seventeen, what will happen when they literally collide in New York years later? He spends a lot of time wishing things had gone differently between him and Kurt. It was supposed to be a normal summer spent at a lake house with his son and best friend.

His boyfriend may be in need of some saving, and Kurt doesn't know the first thing about being the hero of the relationship. Kurt has spent the better part of the last five years half in love with his best friend Blaine. M-W-F the first week, Sun-Tues-Thurs for the remainder. Blaine's been working there and enduring uncomfortable glances and touches for a year to make sure that his son was properly cared for. Based on a tumblr prompt from blangstpromptoftheday.He left Lima, now getting to enjoy living in NYC with a boyfriend he cares for and a job on Fifth Avenue. Forced into an arranged marriage with a prince from another land, Kurt feels trapped in his role as ruler.