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The contract terms specified that the subcontractors would be fined for any failure to meet the monthly quota, and any pistols over the required 5000 would be purchased by Gabilondo at the standard rate.

The early shipments of guns from Gabilondo were satisfactory to the French Army, but not surprisingly the contract terms led to a degradation of quality as shops pushed quantity over quality to maximize their profit.

These letters identified the manufacturer, irrespective of trademark name (see below for a list of these markings).

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The major arms designers of the time had their factories in France, Germany, Great Britain, and elsewhere, but not in Spain.Some companies manufactured the guns from scratch, while others subcontractor some or even all of the component parts to other suppliers.Production of the guns continued into the 1920s, and all in all about a million guns of the Ruby/Eibar type were made in Spain.It does check out when compared to the handful of Eibar pistols in our reference collection, so we provide it here to be considered suggestive but not definitive.

Military manufacturers, with associated trade names: A: Gaspar Arizaga, Eibar – “Arizaga”, “Misdial”, “Pinkerton”, “Warwinch”, sometimes the trade names were not used AA: Azanza y Arrizabalaga, Eibar * – “A. Reims”, “Modelo 1916” AE: La Armeria Elgoibaresa, Eligobar – “Lusitania” AG: Francisco Arizmendi y Goenaga, Eibar – “Ideal”, “Roland”, “Brunswig” AH and AR: Acha Hermanos, Eibar or Ermunda – “Looking Glass”, sometimes the trade name was not used *Pistols marked “Looking Glass” seem to be post-WWI made* AK: Fabrica de Armas Alkartasuna, SA, Guernica – “Alkar”, “Kapitan” AL: Aldazabal, Leturiondo Y Cia, Eibar * – “Aldazabal”, sometimes the trade name was not used AZ: Arizmendi, Zulaica y Cia, Eibar – “Cebra”, some may be over stamped “Beistegui Hermanos” BA: Fab.Gabilondo sent a sample to France, whose government was in need of a huge number of pistols for the recently-begun First World War.

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