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All have the look and feel of a game, a chance to win, but correspond to non-game events or processes from the real world, including business operations and military operations (even though many popular entertainment games depicted business and military operations).The games are made to provide an engaging, self-reinforcing context in which to motivate, educate and train the players.This movement wanted to focus students on reading, writing and arithmetic and intensify the curriculum.) With the proliferation of computers in the 1980s, the use of educational games in the classroom became popular with titles that included Oregon Trail, Math Blaster, and Number Munchers.Though these games were popular among teachers and students, they were also criticized due to the fact that they did not provide the player with new kinds of learning, and instead provided a "slightly easier-to-swallow version of drill-and-practice" learning.

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More focused sub-groups began to appear in 2004, including Games for Change which focuses on social issues and social change, and Games for Health which addresses health care applications. Young) consider that Serious Games didn't obtain the success that was expected, and new theories, like "Smart Gaming" have appeared to replace it.This can also include specific hardware for video games, such as exergaming.Serious games are aimed for a large variety of audiences, including primary or secondary education, professionals and consumers.During this time, a number of scholars began to examine the utility of games for other purposes, contributed to the growing interest in applying games to new purposes.

Additionally, the ability of games to contribute to training expanded at the same time with the development of multi-player gaming.In the 1990s, newer games such as The Incredible Machine and the Dr.

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