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At the moment, the system platforms (Windows and the Mac OS) are adding to their XML support.There are far more system tools for working with XML (such as the MSXML parser for Windows from Microsoft) outside In Design than there are inside In Design.Like Markz Tools, Markz Tools2 can be used to open and modify documents of newer In Design versions, such as CC 2018, CC 2017, CC 2015, CC2014, and CC in older versions of In Design such as CS6.XML stands for “Extensible Markup Language.” What the heck does that mean?XML attributes do not appear in the layout when you place the containing XML element on a page.The structure of an XML document is nothing more than the way that the elements fit together. This is simply a description of what elements can appear, and in which order, in a defined XML structure.#targetengine "session" // we need a targetegine to make this work var doc = Document; // get the current doc // now to the event listener Event Listener('after Save', function(the Event) ); This doesn't make sense - you're re-adding the event listener with every opened document. after the fifth opened document, the export will happen five times!Markz Tools2 a stand-alone mac OS file conversion application, can convert a newer version In Design document to an IDML file that is readable by In Design CS4 and newer.

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If you can’t find an XML editor you like, you can always use a text editor, such as BBEdit, Notepad, or even In Design to enter and then save the text of an XML file (as we said, it’s just a simple text file).Is there an existing script for In Design that will save an INDD file and an IDML copy at the same time?I work with dozens of independent designers on collaborative projects, and those of us with Creative Cloud have to remember to save an IDML copy for those on earlier versions. I'm hoping to find or tweak a script that will, for instance, add a menu item called, say, 'Save with IDML', and will save both the current document and an IDML copy alongside it. You need to run the script once per In Design session. It will save everytime the user saves the document a idml file.XML elements may contain other elements, as shown in the following example.

Here, the “author” XML element contains the other elements. We could easily change the structure to change the way that the name information is stored, for example.

A tag is a XML elements are the fundamental building blocks of an XML file.